Mon. Jul 22nd, 2019

International Mountain Museum,Pokhara

International Mountain Meseum

In excess of seventy thousand residential and global sightseers visit International Mountain Museum (IMM) consistently. IMM records, reports and displays the over a wide span of time advancements identified with mountain and mountaineering around the world.[2] The gallery contains three fundamental presentation lobbies: Hall of Great Himalayas, Hall of Fame and Hall of World Mountains.Inside the historical center, there are shows on well known pinnacles, depictions of renowned mountain dwellers, the way of life and way of life of mountain individuals, vegetation including topography, trying to speak to the customary culture and estimations of the Nepalese people.
Foreigner: Rs. 500.00
SAARC Nation: Rs. 250.00
Nepali: Rs. 100.00
Student: Rs. 50.00
Resident Visa: Rs. 250.00
Garden: Rs. 30.00
opened for 365 days from 9:00am to 5:00pm
This broad exhibition hall is committed to the mountains of Nepal, the mountain dwellers who ascended them and the general population who call them home. Inside, you can see unique apparatus from a considerable lot of the principal Himalayan climbs, and in addition shows on the history, culture, topography, and widely varied vegetation of the Himalaya.
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